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Reel Redemptions

Reel Redemptions is a new media program created to support, train, hire and produce works from inmates and/or former incarcerated individuals. 

about the program

The mission and vision of Reel Redemptions is to empower inmates and recently incarcerated individuals to transform their experiences (and ideas) into creative works for social impact and personal growth. Our goal is to foster rehabilitation, self-sufficiency and societal reintegration through creative expression and storytelling.

Leaning on True Soul Media Group's network in the media industry, we seek to host workshops and mentorship opportunities in creative writing, media production, and content adaptation with selected participants who have an incarceration background. We also fund and build platforms for publishing and distributing works, including digital media and physical publications.


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Cashmere Entertainment, LLC

Cashmere Entertainment, LLC, based in Southfield, Michigan, and founded by William Summers in December 2018, is a company committed to the creation, management, and promotion of entertainment events and products. With a personal history of incarceration, Summers has dedicated his life to empowering others, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. His early work in boxing management helped numerous young athletes, including notable champions like Cornelius “K9” Bundrage, Christy Martin, and James Toney, to escape street life and achieve significant success. Despite a promising collaboration with the Memphis Police Department to combat juvenile crime through boxing, personal circumstances forced him to return to Metro Detroit to care for his family.

Under the leadership of William and his wife Mary Summers, Cashmere Entertainment has expanded its scope to support inmates in harnessing their literary talents. The company not only publishes works by incarcerated authors but also assists them and their families in establishing their own publishing enterprises. This initiative has proven transformative, instilling pride and purpose in many who previously struggled with literacy and lacked clear career paths. Mary Summers, with a rich background in the military and financial services, leverages her lifelong writing and editing experience to enhance this mission. Her involvement has helped several authors achieve best-selling status, further fueling her passion for making a meaningful community impact, inspired by her participation in the CORO Women-In-Leadership program.


with Rehabilitation

Documentary Feature

Book by:
James Washington III


In the shadow of a life sentence received at age 17, James Washington III's piercing journey of self-redemption unfolds in Conversations with Rehabilitation.


Through his unflinching self-examination and transformation, James's voice leads a powerful chorus of incarcerated souls, each grappling with the complex dance of darkness and light, as they seek to redefine their identities and challenge society’s understanding of second chances.


The Claw
By: Cristobal M. Gomez

This book project is currently being optioned for production with plans for film adaptation in 2025 / 2026.



By: Q. West


This project is currently in development - we plan to launch production plans in 2025. 

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